Are you planning on heading to the strip club for an upcoming hen party? If so, you are not alone in this decision: visiting male strip clubs is one of the most popular activities for hens parties, thanks to the fact that adult entertainment is a fun and exciting way to spend the evening together. The following are some important dos and donts that you’ll want to consider before heading to the male strip club for a hen party.

Do: Look up the strip club beforehand

Make sure that you look up the strip club before you head out–check for important information such as hours, times of shows, what types of shows they perform, as well as reviews. Does the place have overall positive reviews–or negative? It’s best to choose a club that has great reviews rather than one which seems a bit underwhelming.

Don’t: Try touch the performers (unless you have permission)

It can be easy to get caught up in the moment while watching a strip show, but don’t try to touch performers unless you have permission. Many strip clubs have a strictly “hands off” rule unless stated otherwise, so keep this in mind. Some entertainers may give you permission to touch–but don’t ever assume that you can without explicit permission.

Do: Treat the entertainers with respect

Adult entertainers are people too. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment, especially if you’re with a group–but remember to treat the entertainers with respect. Never jeer or boo a dancer even if you don’t like them, and try to keep your “hooting and hollering” down to a normal level. (This is not only respectful to the entertainers, but to other patrons at the club as well.)

Don’t: Forget to bring cash

Most male strip clubs are going to operate primarily through cash, so make sure you have plenty on hand before you head inside. If the club accepts tips, those are going to be cash-only; most club bars will want cash over cards, although some many accept cards if you’re going to start a big tab. You can look up the rules of the club before you head out just to be sure.

Do: Put your phone away

It’s easy in today’s modern age to think that you need your phone out at all times to capture the moment, but it’s time to put it away at the club. Most clubs don’t want you taking photos or videos, anyway, and putting your phone away will keep you in the moment. 

Don’t: Drink too much 

Drinking tends to go hand in hand with visiting a male strip club at a hens party, but don’t overdo it; not only will drinking too much make you feel ill, but you don’t want to get so drunk that you get a bit too wild at the club.

Remember to keep the above dos and donts in mind when visiting a male strip club or if you are hiring male strippers melbourne for a hens party.